What is COPD What are the Symptoms of COPD

COPD disease is a respiratory illness that causes thousands of deaths worldwide every year. All information about its causes, symptoms and treatment is in our content.

What is COPD? What are the symptoms of COPD?

COPD, which causes clogging of air vesicles in the lungs, is an important lung disease that brings complaints such as shortness of breath, cough and breathing difficulties. This disease, which causes the clean air in the lungs to be absorbed by the bronchi, causes fatal consequences.

What is COPD?

What is COPD: It is a disease that is named with the initials of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and occurs with extremely disturbing symptoms. The bronchi are blocked in the lung area where the disease occurs. In this case, lung capacity is greatly reduced. Consequently, sufficient oxygen consumption cannot be made since the fresh air cannot be absorbed enough from the lung.

COPD Symptoms

Symptoms of COPD appear in the initial, intermediate, and advanced stages. In the initial phase;

Shortness of breath after running, climbing stairs and walking fast
Symptoms such as sputum and cough are observed. In the middle and advanced stages of the disease, cough becomes quite severe. In addition, the problem of shortness of breath begins during sleep. Intense sputum and dry cough also occur in advanced COPD.
Causes of Koah
Causes of Koah

Other most common symptoms

Chest tightness
Wheezing breath
Various respiratory infections
Weight loss
Bluish color build-up around the eyes, mouth and nails
The feet, ankles and legs are listed as swelling.

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Coah Treatment

COPD Causes

The causes of COPD disease can occur depending on many factors. Smoking consumption, in particular;

Gender and age

Genetic diseases
Air pollution
It is listed as professional deformations.
Occupational deformations are known as transportation sector, metal and mining, cement, textile and grain labor and paper and wood manufacturing.

COPD Diagnostic Methods

In the diagnosis process of the disease, the complaints of the individual are taken into consideration. At this stage, blood count, lung x-ray, respiratory test, arterial blood gas determination and biochemistry applications are applied. In general, the diagnosis of COPD can be made with pulmonary function test.

COPD Treatment

Patients should definitely stop smoking and alcohol consumption before starting treatment. For COPD, which occurs with different symptoms at each stage, drug applications are applied at the mild stage. If the treatment started with the help of spray and special machines does not respond, Pulmonary Rehabilitation treatment is applied. In this treatment, patients’ breathing patterns are adjusted and muscle strengthening is provided with simple movements.

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