How To Tell A Fake Protective Mask

Surgical masks, such as flu and colds, are also used in order not to infect the disease and to further advance the level of the disease.

How To Tell A Fake Protective Mask? How to Use the Surgical Mask
The use of masks has been suggested to protect against the corona virus, which has appeared recently, and fake masks have started to appear on the market.

How to understand and use the fake mask, these are important details. A mask worn to prevent disease can cause larger discomfort if it is counterfeit. The materials used in the production of counterfeit masks are of poor quality and therefore, the mask can start producing microbes in itself, as well as not only protecting you from the virus outside, but also by breathing. Unfortunately, the intense demand of the masks has led to the emergence of many fake masks. We have determined how to understand the fake mask for you.

How to Use a Surgical (Protective) Mask

You should wear the mask to cover your mouth and nose completely. The mask should be worn without leaving any gaps on your face.

You should be careful not to touch the mask with your hands from the moment you wear the mask during the day. If you had to contact, you should wash your hands well. If there is no water in your environment, you can provide hygienic hands with antibacterial wipes, cologne tada antibacterial gel.
Masks are disposable so you should not use them the next day. If the mask gets wet or wet, a new mask should be used immediately.

9 hygiene mistakes we do frequently throughout the day
It should not be forgotten how important hygiene is. It is important to know hygiene errors, especially nowadays when the world is struggling with the coronavirus outbreak.
How To Tell The Fake Mask
The structure and texture of real masks are soft and flexible. Fake masks are made of a harder material. The real mask allows you to breathe comfortably, fake masks make it harder to breathe.

In true disposable masks, no hairs and wear are seen, and the false mask shows wear and hairs. When buying a mask, you should not take it from unknown places. You can get it from a pharmacy that you know and trust.

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